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To help you get around, here’s the full table of contents for our help articles in this Community:

:hatching_chick: What is Apilio?

Is it your first time around here? Welcome! These are perfect to get you started:

:movie_camera: Newbie videos

See how to use and setup Apilio with these step-by-step examples:

:alarm_clock: Controlling times and delays with Apilio

Use time conditions to control when your logicblocks run, add delays or timeouts to your conditions for a better control of your devices, and easily add delays to your actions:

:woman_cartwheeling: Smart Conditions in Apilio

:electric_plug: Connecting and using IFTTT for conditions in Apilio

Thanks to our native integration with IFTTT, you can connect to almost 700 brands of smart devices and services with Apilio. Learn how to setup different elements in Apilio and how to connect them with IFTTT:

:electric_plug: Connecting and using Tuya (Smart Life)

Apilio integrates with Tuya so you can use Tuya actions to turn on/off devices and activate a scene natively from Apilio:

:electric_plug: Connecting and using Philips Hue

Apilio integrates natively with Philips Hue so you can control your smart Hue lightbulbs from your logic in Apilio:

:electric_plug: Using Webhooks and Apilio

:woman_astronaut:t3: Advanced Apilio

:four_leaf_clover: Other how-to articles

Looking for some inspiration?

Have a look in the Use Cases section! And do share your projects and ideas with the Community to help us make Apilio better :blush:


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