New in Apilio: group and filter your elements by custom tags

Hello everyone!

Following the release of the important tag :star:, we have now released custom tags for everyone. This means you can group different elements that belong together, and filter items by your tags to quickly find all the variables, conditions and Logicblocks belonging to the same project.

Create custom tags for your home projects

You will find a new section in all your Apilio elements (Variables, Conditions and Logicblocks) where you can create and add your own personal tags. For example “kitchen lights” could be added to those elements (any Variable, Condition or Logicblock) used to manage all the logic for the lights in your kitchen.

Use your custom tags to create as many as you need! These will help you group elements and you can have multiple tags applied to the same element if you need.

How can I use this? :arrow_right: Filter and group!

Currently, we have released the filter option in the dashboard, so you can apply filters to your important (those tagged with the star) elements. Our intention is to continue to add them in other pages in Apilio.

For example, if you are testing a new home automation for your Tuya temperature sensors, you could tag all of these Tuya conditions with “temperature test”, and tag them as important with the star, so that you see them as soon as you log in. Filtering by this tag will show you all the details of these elements, so you can check how they are doing.

Create groups based on your automations, rooms, or devices that are involved. This will help you organise your elements in Apilio and access them faster from your Dashboard. Give it a go! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks @Anna that’s just amazing! It’s saving my life debugging a piece of dual-PIR sensor logic this morning!