How to re-use the same Event Name in different Logicblocks

This was a question sent by one of you:

I only have one on trigger and one off trigger in IFTTT for a light controller but a few logic blocks that can activate the on/off command as needed? i.e do the logic block action names have to be unique?

This is a very frequent use case! You might have several logicblocks controlling your home lighting, or heating/cooling, and then probably you have events setup that are turning on/off devices and appliances. These events are common across all your automations, so it makes sense to reuse them instead of having several applets which goal is only to turn off a smart switch!

Apilio allows you to reuse any of your existing events when creating your action chains.
This is how it works:

When you add a new event to trigger an IFTTT action, you can start typing to search or create a new event. You will also see in a dropdown list the events that have been created until then.

Select from this list the event you want to reuse and that’s it.

If you selected an event name by mistake, you can always remove it from the action with the remove icon ( - ):

Then you’ll get the option to add a new event or select an existing one just like before.

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