Help! Community Support

A place to post questions to the Community for a bit of friendly support and to maybe share how you’re using Apilio with everyone. The main rules are be polite and respectful but then that’s just normal online etiquette right?

Getting Started & Configuration

Hi and a warm welcome from all of us at Apilio! Start reading here for an overview of how Apilio works and its fundamental concepts. Enjoy!

Feature Requests

For creation of feature requests and to help us prioritise. Please add as much information as possible so it’s clear to everyone what is being requested. Oh and please remember to vote for the feature requests you would like to see implemented!

Apilio Use Cases

How do you use Apilio? Share your projects and ideas with the Community to help us make Apilio better!

Troubleshooting & FAQs

This category contains posts to help you troubleshoot issues you may encounter using Apilio. These posts are made by Apilio employees and recognised expert users within the Community. If you’re looking to post a question for peer support then please use the Community Support category instead.

Team Apilio Feedback Channel

We’ll be asking the Community the odd question (or two ) through this channel and it would just be sooooo great to get your feedback!!!