Native time conditions and triggers are now fully released in Apilio!

:star_struck: Our native time triggers and conditions are now complete! This is a very important day for Apilio because you’ll now be able to set up time events and time frames as conditions and even triggers for your routines: when it’s 10AM, at Sunset, every 5 minutes on a Monday… the possibilities are endless!

Let’s have a look at the the new native time conditions in Apilio:

Time events

You can now set up conditions that will only happen instantly, like a :zap: lightning bolt:

  • It’s 10AM
  • At Sunset
  • It’s 22h on a Monday or a Wednesday

All of these conditions are only true in that one instant. Since every condition on your list must be true to execute your actions in the Logicblock, if you have one of these time events as a condition in your Logicblock, they will be used to start the evaluation of that Logicblock. Very handy as you won’t need an external trigger anymore.

These time events are only true for just a moment, so if you have two of these conditions in the same Logicblock, it will never run: it cannot be 10AM and 8PM at the same time!

This is an example that’s been updated to use these new time events:

Time frames

Time frames are periods of time when a routine is allowed to run.

You can choose a time of the day, Sunset, Sunrise as times or full 24h periods by choosing a day or days of the week.

When a Time frame Condition changes from false to true or from true to false, you’ll be able to use these changes of state to trigger your Logicblock evaluation. In fact most home automations will work fine if you have this enabled, that’s why this option is enabled by default.

For example, if you want to turn your lights on automatically between Sunset and 23h, we’ll use this timeframe to turn the lights on when it starts (at Sunset) and turn them off when it ends, at 23h.

Here’s the detailed example:

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