How to track who is at home: using location & WiFi to drive your logic

Home sweet home! Make your lights turn on as you get home at night. Open your smart blinds, or close them. Adjust the temperature, turn on some nice music…

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Or maybe you are looking to automate something when you are at work! Perhaps tracking the hours you are spending at your company’s offices?

Location-driven logic can be quite indistinguishable from magic these days, but sometimes it is not quite reliable: depending on your location in the World, some services might work better than others. Here we’ll let you know a few options you have for tracking if you or a family member has arrived home or to another specific location.

:spiral_notepad: Note that if you want to track several devices, you’ll need applet duplicates to stay under the 3-applet limit. Just let me know below how many do you need for which service :wink:

IFTTT’s location service

IFTTT’s location service is very easy to setup: you only need to install IFTTT’s mobile app and use the service to track if you have entered or left a specific location.

The downside is that it can take long to fire, and in some locations it is not very accurate. So do your own testing and decide if this is good enough for you or if you need to try some of the other options below.

These are some ready-made applets that don’t count towards your 3-applet limit:

If you want to use different phones, with different IFTTT accounts, you can have both phones send their updates to one Apilio account if you connect that IFTTT channel using just one Apilio user, like this:

  1. My phone: I am logged into IFTTT with my account, and when I connect Apilio in IFTTT I use my Apilio credentials.
  2. Partner’s phone: he is logged into IFTTT with his account, but when he connects Apilio on IFTTT, I used my Apilio credentials.

Android device: connect to a specific wifi

When your Android phone connects to your home or work WiFi, then you know you are close enough to connect to that internet connection. This is quite an accurate way of knowing if you are in a particular area. Here are some applets you could try:

Google Wifi

If you have Google WiFi, you can also check if a specific device has connected to the router:

TP-Link router

If you have a TP-Link router, they also offer the option to check if a device has connected or disconnected from the router. If this is your router, here are some applets for you:

D-Link Wi-Fi Router

If you have a D-Link router, let me know and I’ll create the applets for you :slight_smile:

Any other ideas…?

Do you have any other ideas for tracking who is at home at a specific time? Let us know below, thanks all!

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Google Wifi connection works very reliably!

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Google WiFI Agreed, though if you set your phone to switch off over night it can through it out. and you can set up for your other family members products to work as well
IFTTT, unless they have improved this service recently i found it took up to 15 minutes to register I was home. Also I assume there is work round for other family members

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Could you make up to 4 of each of these please. I only need 2 sets at the moment. One for my Wife and one for me, but kids will soon be old enough to be left hoe alone :slight_smile:

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Ok, let’s get down to business :woman_technologist:t3:!!

Thank you :dancer: Now i can get my wife telling apilio if home or not.

Oh I think it’s way quicker than 15mins, maybe that’s an IFTTT polling restriction?

Its probably is meant to be quicker then 15 minutes, but avoid it like the plague if i need it to fire when i get home and its dark and I’m first home. Way to slow

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Good to know but most definitely NOT my experience. Very strange as my lights are normally on before I’ve left the car???

I think @Drivingforce is talking about the IFTTT location service, not Google Wifi presence detection?

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Yes, I am talking about IFTTT location services, the WiFI works great unless my phone decides it isn’t going to connect to the WiFI, but that is not the fault of any thing but my phone.

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I’ve been told by some of our members in the US that the IFTTT location service works well in some areas, so it might not work for those of us here in Europe but I would certainly do a test with my own home logic, using that service, if I was in the US :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would like to use this logic " Android device: connect to a specific wifi" on 3 phones to trigger the iRobot Roomba to start vacuuming. Any iRobot templates available ?

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Hi @anasrocks! Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I don’t have any templates for iRobot yet in the list, but let me know the complete logic you want to automate and I can create those for you :+1:

The full list of available, ready-made templates can be found here: IFTTT + Apilio applet templates: expanding list with links

Let me know which new ones you need :woman_technologist:t3:

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I’ve created two applets in the meantime that I’m sure will be useful for any iRobot users :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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