Inside temp lower then outside temp set lights to green

Hi there,
I am completely new to apilio and have a hard time understanding Booleans and logic blocks and their logic behind it.

I want to create something that when the outside temperature falls below the inside temperature the lights go to green. Indicating that the windows can be opened.
I do have several devices that can measure inside temperature and outside temperature (or do this via weather channel) and then set a light via Philips hue.
But I don’t understand how to start :blush:

How should I start?


Hi @Morris,
welcome :slight_smile:
We have no ready-made guide for this setup, but it should be quite straight forward.


Hi, I have a very similar question to the above user. I want to compare two temperatures, and then if one temperature is higher than another, I want to turn on a smart outlet (which will power a fan). Then, when the temperature evens out, I want to turn the outlet off again.

I’m starting completely from scratch, so assuming that the previous post solves some of the problem, I want to make sure the rest is possible before investing money in hardware. Can anyone confirm that the following is correct and will work?

  • I need to buy two temperature sensors (in my case, one for indoors and one for outdoors) that can supply the current temperature to IFTTT
  • I must also buy a smart outlet that can be turned on/off by IFTTT
    Then using some combination of IFTTT and Apilio, I can use the following logic:
  • If the outdoor temp is lower than the indoor temp (i.e., in the late afternoon when it starts to cool down), turn the outlet (and the fan) on.
  • Then, once the outdoor temp starts to rise again (maybe early in the morning), turn off the outlet.

Will this work, as far as everyone understands?

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Yes, that should work without any issues but my suggestion would be to buy temperature sensors and smart outlet which are compatible with Smart Life / Tuya.

That is because Apilio can now integrate directly with Smart Life / Tuya compatible devices, so you don’t need to go through IFTTT at all. This would avoid delays and would be much simpler to configure.

Caveat: Not all Smart Life / Tuya devices can be accessed by Apilio (some of them do not provide info), so have a look at this post with compatible devices: Smart Life (Tuya) product tracker: compatible products curated by the Community

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Hi @MusicMan3001,
yes, this will generally work, but there are some catches:

  • Most temperature sensor on IFTTT only send data when they cross predefined thresholds. That’s not so good if you want to continuously compare two temperatures
  • If you buy a Tuya / Smart Life sensor, you would not need to go through IFTTT. But with Tuya sensors, you cannot compare two temperatures in Apilio :cry: - the value you compare with has to be a static value.

So my conclusion - to my own disappointment - is, that you can only do it with IFTTT compatible sensors that send data quite often (I know that Wireless Sensor Tags can do it: