Inside temp lower then outside temp set lights to green

Hi there,
I am completely new to apilio and have a hard time understanding Booleans and logic blocks and their logic behind it.

I want to create something that when the outside temperature falls below the inside temperature the lights go to green. Indicating that the windows can be opened.
I do have several devices that can measure inside temperature and outside temperature (or do this via weather channel) and then set a light via Philips hue.
But I don’t understand how to start :blush:

How should I start?


Hi @Morris,
welcome :slight_smile:
We have no ready-made guide for this setup, but it should be quite straight forward.

  • You need to send both temperatures (inside and outside) from IFTTT to an Apilio numeric variable (here’s some help on that: How to update a numeric variable via IFTTT).
  • Then you create a condition to compare those two values and make sure to check the option “Trigger logicblocks using this condition whenever the condition changes”
  • Next, create a logicblock and select the condition created above
  • Finally, create a new IFTTT action with a name you choose. Go to IFTTT after saving the logicblock and create a new applet that uses Apilio as the “this” part and the Philip Hue service as the “then” part.
    Hope this helps to get you started!
    There’s a lot of documentation around (and even some nice videos :star_struck: ) - a good place to start is this overview: ★ Apilio's help guides: all our documentation ★