Smart Life (Tuya) product tracker: compatible products curated by the Community

We started curating a list of nice devices while we were doing beta-testing, and we’d love to hear from you regarding other Smart Life (Tuya) IoT devices that are well configured and work with Apilio.

Curated list of Smart Life (Tuya) products with Community feedback

Have a look at this sexy spreadsheet where all the feedback received so far is listed:

:point_right:t3: :point_right:t3: :point_right:t3: Smart Life Products with Community Feedback :point_left:t3: :point_left:t3: :point_left:t3:

I want to add my Smart Life (Tuya) product to the list

Let us know how your devices are working using this small form:

:point_right:t3: :point_right:t3: :point_right:t3: Compatibility form :point_left:t3: :point_left:t3: :point_left:t3:

Why do we need a curated list of products?

We have noticed that some manufacturers don’t map the device statuses following Tuya’s API specifications. This means that the information that Apilio receives is not usable. We at Apilio are working on crafty ways to fix some of these devices odd data, but in the meantime, this list of compatible devices should give you good information about brands/devices that are well configured and work nicely with Apilio.

There are over 200.000 Tuya-compatible devices out there, and unfortunately the Apilio team has not been able to test all of them :innocent: We’ll be so grateful for your feedback!

I want to talk about my device and get advice!

Well that sounds like a poem :wink: Feel free to leave your comments down below in this thread, so we can learn more about other devices.

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