Zigbee devices work with Apilio

If you have any device that communicates with the rest of your smart devices using zigbee 3.0, you may well be able to use them with Apilio natively via our Tuya and Smart Life integration!

We recently completed the integration with Smart Life (Tuya), so now many Tuya compatible products and brands can connect to your zigbee gateway devices. And interestingly we (well Dan mainly) have found response times to/from zigbee devices are much faster than via WiFi!

And we just :love_hotel: the zigbee devices! They are so cute and friendly:

If you have a device that uses zigbee, like for example a Philipps Hue light, you’ll probably be able to use it natively in Apilio via our Tuya integration. Pretty nifty, right? :sunglasses:

So what is zigbee anyway?

Zigbee is just a communications protocol that our smart devices use to communicate with the rest of the World. Instead of connecting to your WiFi network at home, they communicate with a zigbee local hub that is the one in charge of communicating with the Internet.

Wikipedia has a lot of info if you want to dig deeper

An example: Using Philipps Hue with Apilio

Philipps Hue has zigbee devices available and they will connect to your your tuya compatible hub, and then you can control them from Apilio!

Another example: Lidl smart devices also work with Apilio

Lidl recently launched a new family of smart devices that work using Zigbee. If you have purchased these devices and the hub they need to operate, you’ll also be able to connect them with Tuya and Apilio to add all of these devices to your home routines.

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Yes I agree @Anna the zigbee 3.0 devices seem to work well via the Tuya gateways I have tried - good tip!