Using Tuya / Smart Life "Groups" and "Tap-to-Run" in Apilio as Tuya Actions

Have been doing lots of stuff with Tuya devices recently and thought it might just be worth sharing one of the helpful short-cuts I’ve come across. So I’ve started using Smart Life “Groups” to control a number of bulbs at the same time.

and Smart Life “Tap-to-Run” automations to apply light settings to a particular Group.

This effectively allows me to set lighting scenes in the Smart Life app as it won’t actually let me set scenes for many of my LED bulbs :frowning_face:.

The great news is that I can then select the “Tap-to-Run” automation as a Tuya action in my Logicblocks, so for example at 6pm Apilio sets some lights over the table to be dimmer than the kitchen work area where I’m cooking.

Just makes things a bit more atmospheric without having to get the phone out and fiddle around with an app/settings/blah.


Hi Dan! Thanks for the info! I’ve had some problems making those SmartLife groups and Tap-To-Run automations actually do what I want. There are 2 limitations that stop me in my tracks:

  1. The Tap-To-Run automations in SmartLife don’t let you set colors for wifi bulbs. You can do warm white or cool white, but you can’t select purple or green.

  2. You CAN set colors for SmartLife wifi bulbs in IFTTT. However, (at least as of a couple months ago), “Groups” don’t work for Wifi bulbs and IFTTT. You can select them in IFTTT, however the color change will effect ALL of your SmartLife wifi bulbs, regardless of what group you select. I contacted SmartLife about this because I thought it was a bug, and they said it’s a known feature limitation. Here is a longer description and video of this happening:


Ah, thanks Kate, that makes sense. Yes, the Tap-to-Run does have some odd limitations. We’ve got further Smart Life development in the pipeline so I’ll see if I can find out when we think it’s likely to be scheduled. The idea would be to allow colour and feature control native from Apilio but some of the Smart Life stuff does behave a little randomly, probably understandable given their range of products covers about 250,000 items (they say at least).


I do have one WiFi light bulb that lets me set a colour for tap-to-runs, but the option is not even translated (but I think this might be one of the few options that you can use even if not translated!):

I only have 2 Tuya WiFi light bulbs, but the first one I got doesn’t let me upgrade the firmware. They are both from the same vendor (Unotech). This first light bulb does not have the option to change the colour in tap-to-runs.

I suspect the absence of the colour control in tap-to-runs is due to how the vendor light bulbs implemented the integration with Tuya’s API :thinking: :grimacing:


Which may cause you problems with implementation :thinking:

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Hear hear, hehehe

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Anna, I am trying to complete a logic block using two Smart Life actions. When I try to save the logic block I get this message:
error 1 error prohibited this logicblock from being saved

  • Lbactions actionable eventname: Please set a name
    I have no idea what it is or how to resolve it

Hi @McDowell! Do you also have any IFTTT actions in that Logicblock? I agree that error message is not very clear, I will look into improving those in future releases. Thanks for raising this.

This error is shown when an IFTTT action has no event name, it then looks like this in the list of actions:

And it is empty:

Could you share a screenshot of all the actions in that Logicblock that can’t be saved please? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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