How to re-connect IFTTT with a formerly deactivated Apilio Account

When an account is deactivated in Apilio (e.g. due to crossing the expiration date of a subscription), IFTTT cannot access your Apilio data anymore.

As a consequence of this, IFTTT will send you warning messages to bring this potential problem to your attention.

Other effects that you might see are the inability to create new applets in IFTTT because IFTTT cannot read your account configuration data:

You might also see other warning messages on IFTTT.

To resolve the issue, make sure that your Apilio account is active. To check that, open your account info page ( and verify that you have a valid subscription (trial or paid).

If that is given, go to the Apilio service settings page on IFTTT ( and click on β€œEDIT”.

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