New in Apilio: tag important elements and see them on your Dashboard

Hello there!

:star_struck: I bring some news, have you noticed something new in Apilio? You’ll now be able to tag any Variable, Condition or Logicblock as :star: important :star:. Any important element will appear on your Dashboard, so you can check those as soon as you log in.

tag an Apilio element as important with the star

Tag important elements by tapping on the star :star:

You’ll see a new star icon next to the name of any of your elements. You can click/tap on this to make it starred and it will appear automatically on your dashboard. To remove it, simply click/tap on the star again.

How can I use this?

Tag as :star: important :star: any Apilio element that you find yourself checking frequently. You’ll be able to click on the element name from the dashboard and go directly to that element’s page as well for any additional checks or changes.

For example, if you find yourself monitoring the same two variables and three logicblocks that control your home heating during these cold months, you can tag them with the star and they’ll appear on your dashboard: you’ll see the data as soon as you open Apilio.

Do you have a pesky sensor that seems to be acting up? Tag it as important and monitor what was the last time it received any data. You could also use our latest feature to download all your events in a CSV file and analyse what that sensor has been receiving.

I want to do more things with tags!!

We might have something else cooking with tags in Apilio… watch this space :wink:

If you have any suggestions already, let us know in the comments below :point_down: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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