REST API Documentation

What is it?

The Apilio REST API is yet another way to access and update your data in Apilio. Other ways include: The graphical interface of our web app, the webhooks and our integrations with other services like IFTTT or Tuya.

What’s it good for?

It is targeted towards users who are familiar using APIs and handling JSON responses and want more ways to integrate Apilio. Something for the Pro’s! :sunglasses:
For instance, you can use it to fetch the current state of variables and visualise them on a smart display. Or you can integrate it with your local Home Assistant to exchange data with the outside world.

There are many possibilities - your imagination defines what you want to build with it!

Here’s the link to the detailed documentation:


Thanks for this @pebneter!! :grin:

I think @wookiebao might be interested, this could help you retrieve also the state of conditions for instance!

For reference, here’s @wookiebao’s great idea:

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Ahh yes! was looking forward to this. Is very good! we can do so much more with this! Calling logicblocks will be so much faster! :grin: