How to setup and use time conditions

In Apilio, you can setup time conditions to control when your logicblocks are allowed to run any actions. Let’s see how you can set these conditions up:

How to setup a time condition in Apilio

Head over to your condition section in Apilio:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose new condition
  3. Choose type “time”
  4. From the dropdown, you’ll select the condition you need for your automation.

Let’s see what’s in each one of the time conditions we have:

“It’s a day” condition

Allows you to specify one or any days of the week, just selecting from the list:

When you save the condition, you’ll be able to quickly remind yourself what the condition rule is in the main condition page:

“Between X and Y times” condition

You can specify a timeframe between two times of the day. You can also specify timeframes that happen overnight if you need to.

If you save this condition, the rule will remind you of the configuration you entered:

Advanced setup with cron expression

We have a detailed article that explains what these are and how to set them up here:

How to use a time condition in a Logicblock

When you create a new logicblock, you’ll be able to see all your existing time conditions. Simply select them like you would any condition and link them with simple ANDs or use our complex condition linker:

You’ll need a separate trigger…for now

Time conditions are not yet “triggering”: they will not launch the evaluation of your logicblock at the beginning of the timeframe. To launch the evaluation you need either an external trigger or a condition that uses a variable, so you can evaluate the logicblock every time the connected variable changes.

We are working on expanding these so more updates coming soon! :slight_smile:

:bulb: Want to learn more about conditions? These articles might help:

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