New native time conditions: sunset and sunrise in Apilio

Hi everyone!

We recently launched our first native time conditions and, as promised, we are continue to expand them so you can make a smarter use of Apilio :slight_smile:

Sunset and sunrise in timeframes

:sun_with_face: :first_quarter_moon_with_face: Finally! Sunset and sunrise can be setup directly in Apilio, saving you setup time and making everything just work better together.

You are now able to set up things like:

  • Between Sunset and 11PM
  • Between 4AM and Sunrise

You’ll be able to set a preferred location in your profile. This will only be used to obtain your local sunrise and sunset times.

What’s next

Remember that these conditions are not triggering…for now :sunglasses: So you’ll need an external trigger to check your logic at a specific time.

We continue to work on our native time and date conditions and we have an exciting summer ahead! Watch this space for the next release.

:bulb: Learn more about time conditions in Apilio


Great, the only day I don’t check the forums and this appears, great news thanks. Motion sensors as triggers then :wink:


Can I make a suggestion. Can you show the state of the condition is false or true. For example is 2215 and the time condition says 0900-2200. So that would have a status false


Where would you like to see that? On the list view of all timing conditions or somewhere else?


@pebneter I would like it here

Purely for a quick checking case something isn’t firing when it should be


Thanks for the feedback!
We are working like mad on new (epic? :shushing_face: ) features but I hope we’ll have time to work on the details afterwards.


Any beta testing needed :wink:


Not yet, but we might send invitations if we see a good case :slight_smile:

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I second this, would be nice to see the current condition (just like we can see the current status of a variable)