Apilio continues to work with Smart Life (Tuya)

It’s happening! :smile:

:clap: Apilio now has a direct connection channel with Smart Life (Tuya) :clap:

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with testing and to those of you who got in touch to request this particular channel. We are really happy to continue helping you keep all your smarter home routines up and running!

With the new Apilio connection channel with Smart Life (Tuya) you can create actions to control your devices directly in Apilio, without having to connect applets on IFTTT.

Connect Smart Life (Tuya) and Apilio

There is a new section in your user profile where you’ll be able to manage your channel connections. At the moment, this only Tuya, but we want to know which other channels you’d like to have available in Apilio :sunglasses: (you can let us know in the comments below!).

Here’s the direct link, so you can connect your profile right now if you wish:

:electric_plug: Connect Smart Life and Apilio: https://app.apilio.com/user/connections

Adding Smart Life (Tuya) actions

Once that’s ready, go to your Logicblocks page in Apilio, and edit a logicblock or create a new one: you’ll be able to choose between two types of actions:

If the button appears disabled this is because you’ll need to connect your Smart Life account first. Apilio will then be able to get your device or device group names so you can then reference them in your Smart Life actions.

Any Smart Life action that is fired will also appear in your Apilio event log for easy monitoring and to help you with your setup (here’s some info on Apilio’s event logs if you want to know more about them).

What’s included in the release?

This first release includes the actions to turn a Smart Life device on or off. Light bulbs and smart switches/plugs should be supported (although for transparency we want to say that we have already encountered some Smart Life plugs that were not following the standard connection rules!). In this release we’ve tried to cover as many of the most usual products and categories as possible (without disappearing down too many of the inevitable rabbit holes).

We need your help to learn about how other categories of products that you are connecting to Apilio and are not currently supported: unfortunately Smart Life (Tuya) doesn’t have a way (that we know of) to automatically onboard any categories not compatible with the basic actions. Our goal is to continue to expand the support of the channel according to what you all tell us that you need :slight_smile: So, get in touch!

:point_right: We’d like to know which other actions/triggers you’d like to use from within Apilio, so we can evaluate adding them to expand the integration. Let us know in this thread or get in touch with anyone from the A-Team.

Happy Apilioing!

:bulb: Want to know more? We have some handy guides to help you get setup:


Great work thank you. Can we have devices like motion, light and door sensors next please. those who push to Apilio

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Definitely door sensors, please.


I have several Smart Life controlled power bars that I use for my hydroponic system. I have lights on one of the sockets, pumps on another, fans on the third, etc. I need to be able to turn on just the lights after a power failure.
I have set up my logic block and it can see my devices, but only the entire power bar. I can’t turn on the entire power bar because the pumps run for 4 minutes every 2 hours.
Alternatively, if the logic block could trigger a scene, then I could set it up in the smart life app.


Thanks for the feedback here and through other channels! We will have a look at the feedback we received so far and then make plans for extending the integration.

I have just connected my tuya account successfully but unfortunately I cannot see my smart plugs and my smart floor lamp under compatible devices. The make of my plugs is Avatar and the lamp is by Teckin although that shouldn’t matter as most of these brands are generic and in the Smart Life app they just show as smart plugs and lamp.

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I have Wteske (Smart Life) outdoor dimmer plug that is showing as not compatible with Apilio. I would like to request that this device be added to the list of devices you are trying to get working. Thanks much!


Hi, we use a smartRemote Infrared Transmitter to control some devices with infrared sensor. It would be great if apilio can support this. Thanks.


It looks like Smart Life is back on IFTTT: https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/06/30/ifttt-resumes-support-for-tuya-smart-life-and-wink-gains-22-other-new-services/

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Good news in some ways, but how will that effect your project? I’m enjoying the better response times and no miss fires

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We have an extension to activate a scene almost ready and are planning to extend compatibility a bit, but we will probably stop to implement further enhancements (especially sensors) for now since we have other exciting new features we’d like to build :slightly_smiling_face:


OK, look forward to it but no teasers on the new features :kissing_heart:

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