Start monitoring Apilio's activity with our new event logs

Start monitoring Apilio's activity with our new event logs

All of us at team Apilio hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this outbreak. Whether you feel like getting your tinker on or your mind is elsewhere right now, we will continue to be available if you need assistance getting started or setting up a new idea. On that note, we have some exciting news :raised_hands:t3:

When you log on to Apilio, you’ll find a new addition to your dashboard. We’re confident you’ll like it because we all love monitoring what our devices, sensors, applets and apps are doing :nerd_face:. This way you can make sure everything is going according to plan, or find handy information to help you when it is not.

:arrow_right: With Apilio’s new event logs you’ll see when variables being are updated, logicblocks executed and actions sent to IFTTT.

The new event log is fantastic to make sure things are running smoothly, and also a great source of information when setting new devices or IFTTT applets up, or trying to diagnose an issue.

Let’s have a look at what you’ll be able to see in your Apilio logs:

All the Apilio log events explained

1) A variable was successfully updated

Apilio receives a request from IFTTT to do update a variable, and it is then updated successfully. This event is only displayed after the successful update has happened.

You’ll be able to see:

2) A logicblock was successfully evaluated

This is displayed when Apilio evaluates successfully a logicblock, following a request from IFTTT.

3) An action was successfully sent to IFTTT

As a result of executing a logicblock, if the conditions for running any actions are met, Apilio sends a request to IFTTT to run an action, sending the event name that you specified.

4) A variable could not be updated

This is displayed if Apilio fails to update a variable following a request from IFTTT, for example, if a string variable is too long and cannot be saved.

5) A logicblock could not be evaluated

Apilio fails to evaluate a logicblock following a request from IFTTT. This can happen for example if your account is receiving too many requests (we will always contact you if we see any suspicious/excessive activity).

6) You have reached your plan’s rate limit

If you are on our Pro or Essentials Plans, you can send/receive updates every second. If you are on our Free Plan, every minute. If your account reaches its limit, we will temporarily disable it as a protection against this suspicious activity. We will be in touch if this happens.

Also check your IFTTT activity

Apilio’s event log only displays what Apilio is doing. If you are setting new things up, or investigating an issue, we recommend you also check your activity on IFTTT.

IFTTT’s activity feed is a nifty list that shows how your applets are running. If you are having any issues with applets not executing, or doing throwing errors, this is a great place to find information. You can find your IFTTT activity feed here

Here’s also how you can find IFTTT activity feed yourself:

  • IFTTT Website: Log on to IFTTT and click on your avatar on the top right-hand corner. From the menu, choose “activity”.
  • IFTTT app (versions: Android, iOS): tap on your avatar on the top right-hand corner. Under your big avatar and personal information you’ll see a “view activity” button, that’s the one you want!

IFTTT also has this detailed documentation page that explains what you can expect to see in their activity feed.

:nerd_face: Would you like to see more/different events?

We brainstormed a long list of possible events and errors we could display, and compared it to how you all are diagnosing your applet runs and issues. We believe these 6 events monitor your account’s key executions. But there is so much room to improve these! :slight_smile:

We’d love to hear from you: let us know in the comments what else you’d like to monitor in these logs. We are all eyes :eyes: and ears :ear:.

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I am LOVING the logging, thank you Team Apilio! :bowing_man: :bowing_man:


So…I like the Logging idea. How do I turn it on? I am a paying customer, and I have several boolean variables and logic blocks that have changed state / been evaluated, but nothing has shown up in the logging on my dashboard. Is there some setting I need to enable?


Good work thank you for your efforts


Hi @james.a.stratman,
Are you still using the legacy way of integrating Apilio with IFTTT via webhooks (vs the native integration: Apilio-IFTTT Integration is now LIVE!)?
That could be an explanation, since only the actions via the native integration are covered so far.

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Thank you @pebneter !!

That must be it!!

I set up my most of my IFTTT and Apilio stuff late last summer using what I now understand is the ‘legacy’ integration. I muddled through it but was not on the Apilio community board much, and did not see the Apilio integration into IFTTT until your post with the link to the Oct. '19 announcement, which obviously I missed.

I’ll work to transfer things over, because I really like the idea of the one-stop logging on the dashboard to see what’s going on.



Thanks for the great addition. I’m sure it will help newbies figure out what’s going on.
Wish it was there when I was getting started. grinning All of my stuff is running nicely now.
One interesting side effect of the Event logging is that now when you have multiple logic
blocks getting evaluated when a connected variable changes, you can see the sequence in
which the logic blocks were evaluated.

I do have 2 observations :

  • I did not see anywhere that you could prune/clear the Event logs.
  • The Event log would be even more useful if it updated itself every second or two.
    It would then be convenient to have it in a separate window for debugging when in
    development mode for new flows.

Thanks again for a great product……

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I would like to filter the logs if i’m looking for for a certain event,