Newbie video - How to setup a logiblock

In this video we are going to show you how to setup a logicblock. This is how we refer to a block of logic that controls any routine in your home.

You must have a variable and a condition setup before creating your logic. You can have a look at our other newbie videos that will help you setup a variable and a condition so you can follow along in this example.

Follow along

This logicblock will send you a notification at nighttime, to make sure your gate is locked every night. These are the summarised steps you’ll follow to setup your logicblock:

  1. Create new logicblock, ‘lock_the_gate’
  2. Select your condition ‘sunset’, your condition linking will be the “simple” one.
  3. In the action chain we’ll create an IFTTT action to send an event to IFTTT.
  4. Now go to IFTTT and we will create an applet that, if Apilio sends this event to IFTTT, will send you a notification.

You have completed your first logicblock!

:bulb: You can find a written guide to evaluating logicblocks and triggering actions in our article How to evaluate logicblocks and trigger actions with IFTTT