Can I access an Apilio variable from an IFTTT Pro Query

I simply would like to use Apilio as a “value store” for IFTTT to keep track of some status values from IFTTT connected devices/services. I can update the values (booleans) but I can’t seem to find out how I can access them from a Query in IFTTT to then be used in a filter. Am I missing something or is this not possible?

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Hi @AndrewM, welcome!
There is currently no way to fetch Boolean variable values from IFTTT. Are you needing to access data that is not available in IFTTT directly? Would be interested to understand what you want to achieve!

What we have currently is a beta / pilot version of a REST API: Apilio web API v1

The specific issue here is that Tado sends triggers to IFTTT for going into Away mode and into Home mode (managed by the Tado app using geolocation and all family members being tracked to set the mode) but does not offer anything for querying the current status.

As a result, I can’t access anything directly in IFTTT to give me the current mode (Home/Away) to be used in filters for actions that control Lightwave lighting controls… what I am wanting to have is for specific Lightwave events (sets of actions, which can be triggered by IFTTT) to occur only when everyone is away/out, for example switching on lounge and other lights at/after dusk and then switching them off at a randomised time later in the evening - which, if someone is there, is obviously not needed/wanted.

I see!
I actually think that IFTTT want’s the brands like Tado to supply the data (every trigger needs to provide them with a history of events), but they probably haven’t implemented that on their side (it requires work on the integration). btw. I also use Todo at home and the Home/Away detection is really nicely implemented !
So of course the question is: Why not using Apilio for the automation? :wink: