What is the impact of IFTTT Pro?

I’m guessing that the launch of IFTTT Pro in effect means that IFTTT is no longer free to use for Apilio users (i.e. 3 free applets is not enough…).

Just wondering what impact this might mean to Apilio?

  • Will Apilio offer alternative integration methods other than IFTTT?

  • are you just upgrading to Pro, or have another approach??? How is it impacting you?

Just some thoughts…

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Hi @mcm, we are definitely following this new launch and we want to help our Community keep their automations running. To start with, we are going to be creating many new applets to support the new templates we were already working on, so this will definitely help with the 3 free applets limit:


I have several older Apilio webhook integrations with IFTTT, would now be the time to convert those to the new integration service?

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I guess the question works two-ways. It appears that IFTTT Pro will provide the functionality I’m getting from Apilio. The big problem with Apilio is that there’s a big hassle/cost to having all the functionality happening in IFTTT and the logic happening in Apilio. Too many back and forth things. It gets hard to remember which IFTTT applet does what and the resulting messes are hard to debug. If IFTTT Pro does everything Apilio does, and the intro cost is the same, then you’re better moving to IFTTT Pro.

Conversely, it seems like IFTTT has been loosing partners and/or the partners are scaling down on what they support. I understand the cost structure has been problematic. So maybe the opportunity is for Apilio (or Somebody) to make it easier to integrate with those lost systems.

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@jeffhomancpa That should be quite straight forward here is a guide

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@abqmichaelj Smart life did leave IFTTT and returned but any inputs from them are very slow from there server to IFTTT, I assume this is why they returned as the cost has been put on to the user. I use Apilio for its logic, something I cannot see IFTTT doing. My problem is 96 applets how am going to shrink them down to 3 :man_facepalming:

We saw something like this coming, so we did a bit of preparation.

There are two obvious main topics in the room:

1st: Do you need both an Apilio and IFTTT Pro subscription?
This is something most users would not be happy with, so we aim to enable everyone to use Apilio without needing an IFTTT pro subscription. The features of the Pro subscription are not necessary to integrate with Apilio, but of course the limitation of 3 custom applets is an issue.

To make Apilio easier to use and offer more power to our users, we implemented features for timing (including sunset/sunrise) and aim to add more native capabilities (like weather information for instance) going forward. One side effect of this is that it cuts down the number of required IFTTT applets.

Furthermore, the limitation to 3 IFTTT applets is only for custom created ones. A free user still can activate IFTTT applet templates unlimited. We will increase the number of templates we provide on our service page to cover the most popular integration pairs. These are not only easy to activate, they also don’t count towards your 3-applets-limit.

2nd: Is there still a need for the features Apilio provides?
That’s a question our customers will ultimately have to answer. We believe there is, because Apilio does some things differently (and hopefully also better) and there are still many home automation scenarios that can only be implemented with Apilio. Apart from that, there is also quite a price gap between the two services.


Yes, sure! A good time for some spring cleaning :slight_smile:

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Not sure how IFTTT can claim they can do logic, it wont even let you use the same service. IE If Smart things motion sensor senses motion and its Smart things brightness sensor is is below 30 lux turn on this Smart life light . I don’t want to pay 2 subscriptions. I don’t want to rely on one vendor. If I had to i would move to Smart life app is pretty good with its logic and sale all other vendors. But I don’t want to use just one vendor for obvious reasons.

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Yeah, I am exactly the same. We’re working on it!

My preference would be to drop IFTTT - the killer feature for me with Apilio is the ability to maintain state via the variables…