New in Apilio: native Philips Hue integration!

We are happy to introduce our latest native integration: Philips Hue!

With Philips Hue, you’ll be able to use and control fantastic smart lights and other devices.

How to connect my Philips Hue account with Apilio

Go to your connections channels page in Apilio:

You’ll find Philips Hue there :slight_smile: You’ll need to enable remote access to use Hue + Apilio, for full instructions we have prepared a guide:

How to create Philips Hue actions in my Apilio Logicblock

You can combine Hue actions with IFTTT actions, Tuya and Webhook actions in your Logicblocks for maximum flexibility. You can add delays to your Hue actions, in the same way you can do with any other action available in Apilio. We’ve prepared an article with all the details on how to add one of these new Hue actions to control your devices:

With this first release, you’ll find actions to turn devices on/off, change the brightness or saturation, and activate scenes. We’ll be adding more actions (color control is something we need to do carefully) but we wanted to get this into your hands as soon as possible :smiley:

I want to do more things with Hue!

Let us know in the comments below :wink:

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I am not a Philips Hue user but it is great to see that Apilio keeps improving. Great job!


Thanks @teknofilo :smiley: :blush: