March Update: boosting all existing Apilio subscriptions and more!

March Update: boosting all existing Apilio subscriptions and more!

We are boosting our current subscription plans, so you’ll get to build more logic on your existing plan. We are also introducing a new free subscription with basic Apilio functionality.

Here are all the details:

The new plans

We have renamed the plans to make them simpler, and increased their allowance:

  • Essential plan (previously Starter), increases from 1 to 3 active logicblocks
  • Pro plan (previously Early Adopter), increases from 40 to 75 active logicblocks
  • (New!) Free plan, includes 1 active logicblock

The Essential Plan is can only be paid yearly due to transaction costs.
The Pro plan can be subscribed to on a monthly or yearly basis: choosing yearly means you get a little over 3 months for free! :wink:

Head over to our pricing page for a more detailed view of what’s included with each plan.

Questions & Answers

I was on the early adopter plan and now I’m on the pro?

Yes you are, and we have increased your number of included logicblocks from 40 to 75, and we are keeping the same price from last year.

I was on the starter plan and now I’m on the essentials?

Yes, and we have increased your number of included logicblocks from 1 to 3, and we are also keeping the same price from last year. You can also now use the feature to pass on values to IFTTT though Apilio actions.

Wait, there’s a free plan!?

:star_struck: Indeed there is!

We are very thankful for all the feedback we received from you in the early weeks of this year. We have had great conversations with many of you here and through our support chat to understand how we could support everyone’s automation needs better, and we have found a solution to continue offering Apilio for free. If you try Apilio and don’t subscribe to our Essentials or Pro plan, when it is over we will put you in the free plan automatically.

The Free Plan includes our basic Apilio functionality, including our integration with IFTTT. This will allow to control a huge variety of devices and services.

Can I save more logicblocks than the ones in my plan?

Yes you can, as long as your total of active logicblocks equals the ones included in your plan. For example, if you are on the Essential Plan, you can have 3 active logicblocks, and then if you save any other ones, you can simply keep them inactive. Read more about how to make your logicblocks inactive here.

What happens if I don’t subscribe?

If you don’t subscribe to a plan after your trial, or if you let your subscription expire, we will put you on the free plan automatically. You can keep running Apilio on the free plan for as long as you like :slight_smile: You just need to renew it every 2 months.

Why do I need to renew my free plan subscription every 2 months?

By asking free users to renew their subscription we guarantee that we don’t have any ‘zombie’ accounts (:zombie:) , so we can keep our platform costs lower that way. As we shared last December, to be fully-integrated with IFTTT we must pay a license fee, but we believe that if we keep the zombie accounts under control (:crossed_swords: :woman_zombie:) , we can now provide our fully integrated service to those of you who want to run simple but reliable logic control.

I want to upgrade/downgrade my plan

You can make any changes to your plan following the instructions on your subscription page. Do get in touch with the A-Team if you need any assistance!

My question was not answered here

Please add a comment below or get in touch with us, we are happy to help :slight_smile: