Arlo Motion, Turn on LIFX/turn off LIFX Ifttt

Hi all,

I am new & it seems that Apilio is a very powerful tool, with a multitude of ways of solving the home automation challenges.

What I have been trying to achieve (without any success) is a step by step guide to setting up the following without a smart hub or google So I thought I would reach out to the wider community to ask for help as has been trial and error without success so thank you in advance

I am using the free version of ifttt so have a limit of 3 applets

Hoping to create the following
Motion detected by Arlo Camera
Turn on LIFX Lights
No new motion detected
Turn off LIFX after x time

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Welcome @jason_el

To get you started read this on how Apilio has set up applets that do not go use up your 3 free applets

I will put something together later if someone has not beaten me to it

Thank you for taking the time to reply-any findings I will post in the Arlo community board as so many people asking the question

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There two types of how cameras report motion: Some just send a “motion detected” event, but others send two events: “motion detected” and “no more motion detected”. It looks like the Arlo cam is of the former type:

So you will need a Boolean variable (e.g. name it “motion_detected”), a condition with a timeout (How to setup time constraints for Conditions: delays and timeouts) and one Logicblock.
I will try to find an example in the community that is similar to your case to have more details.

One more hint: IFTTT has changed the plans, and the free plan includes now 5 applets of any kind (template based or custom):

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I found a description in the community that fits our case quite well:

You can just ignore the additional condition used for only trigger during night time.
There is even a template that you can apply that build the described case into your account:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply-genuinely appreciative, will try this today

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