Add off time to an Applet

Add off time to an Applet

I have an applet that when motion occurs on my camera between 8p and 5a turns my hue lights on at full intensity. Can I use that Applet to add a 5 min timer and then dim my lights? Do I have to rewrite the whole thing to accomplish this? It took me quite a while to learn how to create this applet. I see no example of how to use existing applets :frowning:



I have a similar set up.
I have an applet from IFTTT that will evaluate a logi block if motion is detected

As you can see the action settings at the bottom i have lights coming on straight away Then after a set time go off

So in the logiblock you will have an ifttt action that turns brightness on full when when motion is detected.
then the next IFTTT action reduces the the brightness back to the preferred level after 300 seconds. That will be in advance options

I hope this makes sense.
Please don’t struggle there is a lot of help available if needed

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Your example seems to include more than 1 action, so it is difficult to follow it through.
You start out with a logicblock
How do I create this logic block?
Is there one logic block for every thing?

Ok my apologies, I had thought you had been using the platform
Could I suggest you start here for the basics. Then this will be straight forward


Do I have this correct?

I use to create a variable “motion_front” & set to false
I use a IFTTT applet to set “motion_front” to true on camera motion.
I create a logicblock “turn_front_light_on” It says
when “motion_front” true, run applet “front_light_on_full”, wait 300 sec, run Applet “front_light_dim”, and run applet “motion_front_false”

The only way I can control the time this runs is to use filter code in my “motion_front” applet

Hey there,
we have a documented use case description that is quite close to your idea. It might help setting up your version. Just use a timer instead of the button widget to activate/deactivate your alarm and your motion camera instead of the noise sensor: