Simple home security system using a Netamo weather station

Simple home security system using a Netamo weather station


What it does

Got a Netatmo Weather Station? You can build a simple Home Security System with it!
With this setup, you can activate the noise detection on your Smartphone (or even cooler: on your Apple Watch). You will get a notification when the Netatmo Weather Station detects noise above 40 dB.


Step-by-step instructions

Before you start make sure that you have connected and setup the IFTTT Webhooks service.

  1. Create a new boolean variable:
    Name it “alarm_active"
    Leave the value on “true”
    Save the variable, copy the “toggle”-URL and make it somehow available on your phone (e.g. e-mail it to yourself or open Apilio on your smartphone)
  2. Create a new condition:
    Name it “Alarm is active”
    The variable to check is “alarm_active”
    The required state is “true”
    Leave “Unmodified since” empty
    Leave “Modified within” empty
  3. Go to the DO Button app on your phone and create a new recipe for the Webhooks service:
    The URL is the “toggle”-URL from above
    The Method is “GET”
    Leave the other options empty
  4. Now go to IFTTT and create a new recipe:
    The “if” is a Webhooks service event (name it “send_noise_notification”)
    The “then” is a notification or text to your phone
  5. In Apilio, create a new logicblock:
    Give it the name “noise_detected”
    Check the box next to “Alarm is active”Action Settings:
    Set the IFTTT Webhooks service event eame for the positive case to “send_noise_notification”
    Leave the section for the negative case empty and the advanced options unchecked
    Save the logicblock and copy the “evaluate”-URL
  6. Go to IFTTT and make a new recipe:
    The “if” is the Netatmo Channel and should fire every time the noise level is above 40 dB
    The “then” is a Webhooks service action which calls the logicblock-url created in step 5