What devices are compatible with Tuya / Smart Life

The announcement that Apilio can now work directly with Tuya / Smart Life sounds exciting. Anything that cuts out IFTTT as the middle man has got to be good, right?

So, I loaded the TuyaSmart app, and apparently none of my devices are compatible. I have WEMO switches, dimmers and sockets. I have a Honeywell thermostat and a Rumba. The auto-discover routine in TuyaSmart did not find any of them. I tried using the manual routine, but guess I’m not smart enough to make it work.

Q1: Can anyone help me get my exist devices added to TuyaSmart?

Q2: If none of my devices are compatible with TuyaSmart, what devices are? I need wall switches, wall switch dimmers and sockets (smart plugs).

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Unfortunately none of them are.
Easiest way to find products that work with Tuya/Smart life is hit google type in what you need + Tuya.
Also this list in the thread should be a big help. It has a list of things that do and don’t work.

If you are feeling lucky buy some thing that is not on the list and feed back

Hi @clancyduncan,
Tuya / Smart Life is a big IoT company that offers a technology platform to other companies to build and sell devices under their own brand (according to Tuya, there are around 200’000 products). I don’t think that the hardware from Wemo, Honeywell or Rumba is built with Tuya internals (but I might be wrong of course), so I don’t expect them to work with the Tuya apps, and are therefore not usable through our Tuya integration.

But of course we are always building more and exciting features, so what is not here today might be tomorrow :slight_smile:

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