Variable name as text input in Apilio IFTTT actions

Variable name as text input in Apilio IFTTT actions


For Apilio actions in IFTTT that set variables, would be nice if you could input the name of the variable as text instead of selecting from dropdown. This would allow for dynamic variable selection based on some ingredients from trigger for example.

My usecase is having “any sensor” as trigger and would like to be able to set the variable corresponding to the sensor that triggered. Currently I need to create one applet for each sensor. And I have 20 sensors. Fyi, I am referring to Wyze Sense Contact Sensors but this is just an example.

My full usecase is: for each sensor (doors, windows, garage …), send a reminder notification every 30 minutes as long as the sensor is open.


But don’t you have to create an applet for each sensor anyway? Or is there a “If any sensor opens” trigger for Wyze?

Theoretically, this would be possible on the IFTTT platform. The problem is that it could very easily happen that IFTTT want’s to update a variable in Apilio that doesn’t exist (because not yet created, or deleted by the user on Apilio), leading to many unsuccessful update requests.
That’s why I’d hesitate to implement such an action.


Indeed there is an “any sensor open” (or close) on Wyze and you get the sensor name as “ingredient”.

You are right, such a feature would work best if you pre-create the variables for each sensor or if Apilio would auto-create the variables if they don’t exist already upon a variable action (which is a way bigger change i assume).

Maybe my usecase is uncommon and not worth exploring. Hard to say how others are using the platform.

One of the biggest drawbacks at this point is having to do a lot of back and forth between Apilio and IFTTT for minor stuff like trigger evaluation of another logicblock or change a variable (both of these could ideally be done inside the logicblock actions) and multiplying all these by the number of sensors results in a huge number of elements to manage.


To weigh in for your feature request, you can add a comment or “like” to Call a logicblock from a logicblock