Call a logicblock from a logicblock

Call a logicblock from a logicblock


I found that I sometimes want to call a logicblock from a logicblock. To do that now, I have to do a webhooks to IFTTT that calls the logic block. There’s an example of what I’m talking about buried in here: iused2besmart DOT wordpress DOT com/2019/09/04/using-ifttt-and-apilio-v2/

I could be using apilio wrong and there might be a better way to do what I did (suggestions welcome).

Variable name as text input in Apilio IFTTT actions

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Thanks Jim, completely unintentional as we’re still learning the Discourse ropes! Have adjusted settings now so you should be OK from now on. And thanks again for posting!


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Actually there seems to be a minimum “trust” level before one can edit ones own posts. I will take a look. Thanks for raising @jrmckins!


Probably a wise idea to not trust me.


I second the request, call a logicblock without the need of go to IFTTT would be great, and in adition also the possibility of update the value of a variable directly from apilio logicblock


I would also find this useful. Having to send a variable to IFTTT in order to update a second variable seems redundant, but I’ll happily keep doing it if that’s the only way.