Using Apilio account with TWO IFTTT instantiations

Using Apilio account with TWO IFTTT instantiations


Hi, I have two different Blink accounts for two different locations.
You can only have one Blink service per IFTTT account, so I need two IFTTT accounts.

However, Apilio only has one key for IFTTT so I can not use the second account.
Anyway I can get Apilio to interact with second IFTTT account?

Allow more than on IFTTT key per Apilio account and be able to reference them in the Apilio IFTTT calls

Hey Paul, thanks for the great question but this is one for @pebneter!


I have got around the issue by sending WebRequest to the one IFTTT and then manually configuring an action to do a WebRequest to the second IFTTT!! Not elegant but it works.

If you allowed me to do one of the following it would be much easier:

  • Edit the URL string to change the IFTTT API Key
  • Allow more than on IFTTT key and add a name to it


Thanks Paul, awesome suggestion! We’ll add both to the pipeline. DanT


Hi @Paul,
from you description, it sound like you are still using the web hooks interface?
Maybe you have missed our news from October that we have our own service on IFTTT: Apilio-IFTTT Integration is now LIVE!
When using the new interface, you can easily multiple IFTTT accounts and one Apilio account: Family Members Permission


I don’t think so. I am using the new IFTTT integration but my profile only allows on key?

  • User Profile
    • IFTTT Webhooks Service API Key

Allowing only one key means only one IFTTT account?
How can I add a second key for a second account?
Or am I misunderstanding something?

I already have multiple IFTTT calling the single Apilio.
However I want the single Apilio to call out to different IFTTT accounts.
Can not see how to do that because I can not enter more than one key on Apilio?
Its the Apilio end that is the issue as I am very happy with the Apilio service at the IFTTT end
On Apilio sending to IFTTT 1

On Apilio sending to IFTTT 2

In the Logiblock I can only have actions to the one configured IFTTT


UPDATE: This does work already!!
I have done some more testing and this does work - I am not completely sure I understand why, but the new Apilio service somehow takes care of it.

  1. create a logic block on apilio, add a new IFTTT trigger
  2. This trigger is then available on the apilio service on all IFTTT accounts
  3. Go to the IFTTT account you want and then use this newly created trigger
    It all works just fine - maybe I was being thick?