Family Members Permission

Family Members Permission


This is probably more of a future proofing idea.

Allow family members to send requests.

Example I use life 360 for a presence sensor for my family. Via IFTTT IE if last person leaves etc. Or first person arrives. But only allows me to set an individual arrive for me. For my wife I have to use Life 360 via Smart things then IFTTT

Example. Its dark out side someone is already home but when someone else arrive switch on outside lights. It works fine but is delayed, especially for the wife.

What i would like to do is allow “family” members to send requests to Apilio. Could this permission be cross referenced with Google family?

Ideal thing is an app that looks after location based services the writes direct Apilio to reduce the lag

How to choose your variable, trigger and actions

Hey there!
To be honest, I have never tried it myself. But based on the architecture, it should It is possible to have two IFTTT accounts connected to one Apilio Account. So in practice, you log into IFTTT account X and connect with Apilio Account 1, then login with IFTTT account Y and connect with Apilio Account 1.
This scenario works with information flow in both ways, so you can trigger actions in two IFTTT accounts or set variables in Apilio from different IFTTT accounts!
We have plans to have more features for multi-user scenarios (i.e. sharing variables between accounts).


I can confirm it is perfectly possible to have multiple IFTTT accounts calling one Apilio account.
I have it setup myself.


If you keep the old webhook system as an option, it would be possible for the family members to use webhooks instead of IFTTT to update the same vars


I believe you have to log in to both the google accounts on the phone in order to do this, and as each family member has separate google accounts, this is not a good solution


Am not sure what you are trying to achieve.
If the aim is to send requests to Apilio from multiple IFTTT accounts I don’t see why this would not work.
This is my setup:

  1. My phone > IFTTT with account > evaluate/set variables in Apilio account

  2. Wife’s phone > IFTTT with account > evaluate/set variables in Apilio account

This all works like a charm


What kind of phone do you have?
I use Android phones, and if I log in with my Google account on wife’s phone, it will also start syncing emails and calendar etc.


Mine is IOS.
It does not matter which account your Android is linked too as long as you login with the respective IFTTT account in each device


I am not sure I understand the last comment.
Is there any way for me to link one phone to Google account 1, and the other phone to google account 2, and then have both phones use the same Apilio account?


No, I think what is being said is that you can have two IFTTT accounts (with separate logins both using the same google address to link to Apilion… To save problems do the linking in a guest session on a web browser


The part about doing it in a web browser sounds very interesting. I will try that.