Smart Life is leaving IFTTT

Smart Life is leaving IFTTT

Well i just dodged a bullet. Was about to replace all my Phillips Hue lights with Smart Life enabled devices. I had bought the first one when i received this notification!

Damn I’m annoyed! It still works with all the assistance. But I liked the IFTTT integration because of Apilio and being able to set conditions on depending onhow bright it was etc .
Any chance of direct integration :slight_smile:


Hi @Drivingforce,
is it Smart Life or SmartThings? I saw that people are complaining about Smart Things (Tuya) dropping IFTTT support, but not about SmartThings.

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Ill change it, sorry Smart Life is the one I meant. I keep getting them mixed up :man_facepalming:

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Seeing Smart Life leaving is a bummer indeed.
We are constantly looking at ways to offer more ways to integrate, but we have no news to share at this time.

I appreciate its always hard to decide who to go with and the integration with IFTTT to give a quick easy access to all the things was the best move to be made.
As you are the founders to Apilio you will have an idea of which direction you want to go. A better version of IFTTT and eventual integration of most smart companies. Or focus on 4 or 5. But which 4 or 5.
For me i suppose it would be in no particular order Alexa Google assistant Siri, Smartthings and Smart Life along side IFTTT
Direct integration with them would probable cover most eventualities. but as I’m not a coder or web developer i have no idea how big a task it is

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the same applies to Ewelink. Standard Ewelink accounts will soon lose all IFTTT integration. Based on some Ewelink feedback seen, it’s IFTTT to blame. They seem to have changed their pricing model making it impossible for services such as SmartLife and Ewelink to integrate. Very sad to see these changes applied by IFTTT, it will break their ecosystem and complete business model on long term. The short term vision is disapointing.
Feels as if Twitter would suddenly start charging their members, would be the stupiest thing to do, but would of course on short term make them a bit profitable… yet would kill them on long term.


Hey @myT,
can you point to a source to read more about it? Or were you only notified directly?

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Sounds like a bit of a challenge to me @pebneter!

Posted by Ewelink official support on their Facebook page.

Thanks! For the record, here’s the link to a Facebook post explaining some changes for eWeLink:
To me it sounds like IFTTT will still be available for non-free plans, but you might need to re-connect.

This gentleman has a different view


Very sad indeed - cross-vendor connectivity is key for people who want to make the most out of their equipment.

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I think we can help with this @pebneter !

Not sure how easy it would be to directly integrated with Tuya (if they allow it) then people will be able to have the best of 3 worlds. Smart Life, IFTTT and Apilio. Good expansion/selling point :thinking:
Then let Paul Hibbit know free advertising :slight_smile:

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ewelink subscription plan is clearly a bad news… My complete setup is based on sonoff (and so ewelink), IFTTT and apilio…

In clear, I have no choice to pay…

Except if I flash all my sonoff devices…

Integration of apilio with Google assistant would do the trick no?

Google Assistant integration help only on the input side, but it does not offer any way to control devices connected with it. Therefore it does not help a lot unfortunately.

I was not aware about this limitation…

But since devices are in Google Home, maybe there’s a trick to control them from apilio…

Thank you @pebneter


To me sounds like ifttt and ewelink Wil stop working together within a month or so.