Request to customise content of suggestion message - from a user via Intercom

it would be great if the suggestion message could be customised and passed as a Value to the IFTTT actionable notification

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You can create a custom message with the ingredients we provide for the IFTTT applet: Check out the last paragraph here:

Thanks but I miss the ability to customise the title and message of the notification from each logicblock so I can have different suggestions. For example:

":house_with_garden::red_car: Welcome home! Press here to open the garage gate" when I arrive home


":bulb: Bathroom light has been on for 30 mins. Press here to turn it off" when the bathroom light has been left on for 30 mins.

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I am currently using the suggestion to open the garage gates (2 in my case) when I get close to home.

It is in Spanish but says:
:house_with_garden::red_car: Would you like to open the garage gate?
Press here to open the garage gate

I have 3 mins to press on that notification to open the gate. Otherwise it will not open (maybe I was just driving past my house)


Qué chuli, @teknofilo!! :smiley:

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hahahaha you master Spanish language!

Now I see why… your last name is Martínez!