Request: allow passing of additional values to HTTP actions as well as IFTTT ones

It is very useful to be able to pass values to IFTTT using the “{{NAME}}” syntax, but at present there is no equivalent when using an HTTP action. This means that if you want to pass a variable value via a webhook, the only way to do this currently is first to pass it to IFTTT, and then have IFTTT call the webhook for you. It would be nice if Apilio could do this direct.

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Hi @robin,

variable are available in many places (this has been extended a few months ago): Using device attributes and variables in actions

HTTP action is on the list and they are available in as parameters or in the body. Does that fit your purpose?

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That is exactly what is needed. I can do it using IFTTT actions, but it then takes another step. Hopefully it can be incorporated into the HTTP actions soon :slight_smile:

I’m sure it would be useful to do this for many purposes, but my immediate one is to allow variables and/or device status values to be passed to SharpTools. SharpTools can take values that are passed to it via HTTP and display them via a web interface, and is easily configured to show these on a phone screen. Having a way of showing Apilio variable values is incredibly valuable and I recommend trying out SharpTools for this.

To give an example, I’m just in the process of setting up Tuya TRVs on all my radiations, so it is easy to use Apilio to monitor the temperature of each TRV and then get these reported in real time via SharpTools.

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I would say it IS incorporated, unless I understand your request wrong. :thinking:

SharpTools dashboards look neat! Thanks for the tip.

DOH… you are right, of course! I was trying to incorporate the parameters within the Webhook URL entry by appending “/?{{param1}}&{{param2}}”… But I didn’t think to check under Advanced Options and see that I could add them direct!

They are really good, but have relatively limited ability to work with Tuya (Smart Life) devices. They work fully with SmartThings, and SmartThings can bring in a subset of Tuya items, but there are lots of simple devices that just are not available.

However, what I have been doing where that is an issue is to set up virtual SmartThings switches to mirror missing items from Smart Life, then use a combination of Apilio and IFTTT to synchronise pairs of Tuya and SmartThings devices. Basically, SmartThings switches/plugs can trigger events in IFTTT, which can then talk to Apilio and so I use this to reflect the change within a paired Tuya device. In return, Apilio can monitor the Tuya device, then send a request to IFTTT to update the SmartThings device.

It is a bit long-winded, but gets over some of the limitations in the different apps and means that you can use SharpTools with a far greater range of devices than would otherwise be possible.

The issues are as follows. IFTTT seems to “see” all SmartThings devices, but only a few Tuya ones. Apilio is great with Tuya, can talk to IFTTT, but has no SmartThings interface. SmartThings supports only a subset of Tuya, and SharpTools only works with SmartThings.

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I have now tried using the Advanced Options to set parameters for the Webhook. They do allow variables to be used, which is great, but unlike the IFTTT action they don’t allow device values to be used. It would be good to allow the {{devicevalue}} syntax here as well, if that was possible.

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Ah snap, yes you are right.
It is actually a lot easier to be implemented with the double-curly braces syntax than with the drop down. But as it is already in use for a while, it would need a migration to change it.

I will need to think about a viable solution.