Quick update: Logicblocks are now clearing pending actions when re-evaluated

This is just a short notice on an update how Logicblocks manage pending actions.

How were pending actions cleared before?

Before, pending actions were only removed from the queue if the first action of an action chain had not yet been started. This typically happened when the first action has a delay or if the Logicblock was configured to use a alternative execution mode.
So when an action chain had started with some scheduled actions and the Logicblock was re-evaluated, then the pending actions were not cancelled.

How were pending actions cleared now?

Whenever a Logicblock is evaluated, the pending actions of THAT logicblock are cleared in any case unless the evaluation result is the same as last time and the Logicblock is configured to not re-execute in those cases (this can be set under the advanced options on the Logicblock).