Put kettle on in x minutes


I’d like to be able to say:

Put the kettle on in # minutes

… In ifttt and have apilio wait for that amount of time.

I can see that apilio allows actions to be delayed, but it looks like that only takes a static value… Is that right? Is it possible to use a variable as a delay?



Hi @tom! Welcome to the Community :slight_smile: I think you and @ashacklett have a similar request if I understand correctly:

Delays cannot be passed on to Apilio currently as you describe, but my first work-around solution idea would be to have 2 or 3 of logicblocks that can be launched from IFTTT with a do-button from the app, or maybe a voice command, each one of them with a different delay: maybe 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes? And then you run the specific Logicblock depending on the time you need.

:thinking: What do you think? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Anna! Do you know if there’s a way of putting a feature request in to allow variables for the delay?

I’ve got a slightly different workaround, which is to use a calculation to decreas a counter. We can set the counter to an initial starting number in IFTTT. Apilio delays for a minute, then calls IFTTT which decreases the counter by one and repeats.

So we end up with a loop that counts down each minute…

Seems to work okay. But complex - and could have perhaps been done more easiy with homespun API, so definitely keen to have it simpler!


@tom, Consider the feature request raised :wink:

Your workaround is interesting! I implemented a decreasing counter as well for this fitness circuit timer:

Does the decreasing counter cover all of your different use cases?