Set delay to a Numeric Variable

Set delay to a Numeric Variable


The delay function is a great feature. I’d like to have the ability to set it to a numeric variable.


Thanks for posting your suggestion! I’m not quite sure I fully understand your request - can you elaborate a bit more? In what kind of scenario could this be used?



Hi Philipp,

On a lower level, it would be a bit more convenient to change the numeric variable than the delay time, as the access is quicker. On a higher level, I’m interested in developing routines where the delay time can be changed through an IFTTT routine and passed along to Apilio, although I haven’t studied this in any detail yet.

Fyi, I have my first watering timer routine up and running - a simple app that runs a watering zone for x minutes when a widget is pressed on my tablet. Works great - no need to fool with extra steps on the eWeLink app anymore. Am continuing with a more elaborate routine based on current and future rain conditions.

Thanks! Al