Provide way to disable/enable logic

I would like to be able to enable or disable logic blocks (or whatever is appropriate) as I either develop new or am testing possibly conflicting blocks. I didn’t see a way to do this. My work-around was to add a Boolean and the Conditional block labeled something like named_block_enabled, and then add it to an and condition within my logic block. I think this will work but the in-elegance is less than satisfying.


Thanks for your proposal! We that on our list of desired features as well, but we can’t give an estimated time of availability yet.

I shouldn’t let the cat out of the bag too soon, so I won’t. But it might be a good time to (just by coincidence of course cough) check out the logicblocks list and edit view.

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Yeah just seen it :wink:


Hi all, just to confirm this was released and that you’ll find more information :arrow_down: here in this article :nerd_face: