Our take on the IFTTT Pro announcement

Hey there!

Maybe you have heard the news that IFTTT is introducing a Pro subscription plan. Along with that, IFTTT also announced users on the free plan will be limited to create 3 custom applets. So you might be wondering what that means for your Apilio setup.

I guess there are two main topics coming out of IFTTT’s announcements:

1st: Do I still need Apilio?

That depends much on your use case. While there is some overlap with what you can achieve with Apilio and an IFTTT Pro subscription, the approach is quite different. Apilio’s focus is on smart home automation and has some unique features and advantages over the IFTTT Pro capabilities. Apart from that, also bear in mind that in its current version, you need to do actual Javascript programming in Pro applets on IFTTT. Oh and last but not least, Apilio subscriptions are rather more affordable!

2nd: Do I need both an Apilio and IFTTT Pro subscription?

This is something most users would not be happy with, so we aim to enable everyone to use Apilio without needing an IFTTT Pro subscription. The features of the IFTTT Pro subscription are not necessary to make your Apilio setups work, but of course the limitation of 3 custom applets could be an issue for free IFTTT users.

To make Apilio easier, and more powerful, for users we have implemented features for timing (including sunset/sunrise) and delays and aim to build-in a full range of native capabilities (like weather and location information for instance) going forward. One side effect of this, of course, is that it cuts down the number of IFTTT applets required.

It’s worth noting that the limitation to 3 IFTTT applets is only for custom created ones. A free user still can activate unlimited IFTTT applet templates. We will increase the number of templates we provide on our service page to cover the most popular integration pairs. These are not only easy to activate, they also don’t count towards your own 3-applets-limit so will save you precious $$$. You can help us building the templates by sending us feedback!

BUT, as usual, you folks are going to have the final word on this so please let us know what you think by replying to this post thread. :point_down:

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I think your plan to get less applets for users is good for everyone who is using IFTTT just with time triggers.
The 2nd suggestion to increase the number of templates is awesome.
Do you need user’s input for examples or do you have an overview about user’s use cases?

I give you one example, is it possible to create a template for it:
Receive an event from Apilio “event x”
Activate Scene in SmartLife (another Service) “scene y”

For me, I already subscribed to IFTTT pro because I have 44 applets with

  • Blink
  • SmartLife (i think they disconnected services to ifttt already)
  • Web Requests
  • Nuki
  • Alexa
  • Sonos

If you would have many templates, I could get back to free user on ifttt…
Let me know, if you need my examples of using IFTTT with apilio. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your support @theelonline it means a lot to us! We will be in touch soon. DanT

Welcome @theelonline! Thanks so much for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Regarding Smart Life, Apilio is already natively integrated when it comes to actions, so you might be able to transfer those already:

Well that changes everything! So, if I have it right, at the moment I use Life360 to change the state of a boolean variables to observe my location. In the future, Apilio may create an applet, connecting Life360 to Apilio and add it to the Apilio service page? Then new Apilio users can connect the capability without adding to their three applet limits?

I’m happy to pay an Apilio’s subscription. The product does exactly what it says and service is brilliant. IFTTT is unreliable and don’t have any customer contact.

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Do you know if the 3 custom applets limitation applies to existing accounts? Like, if I already have more than 3 custom applets, are they going to stop working?

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Yes, you have to choose three to keep: https://www.reddit.com/r/ifttt/comments/ipmmxn/ifttt_pro_a_new_plan_for_applet_creators/g4mi680/

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I have noticed you cannot have multipule applets for say my case.
I have Lifx lights dotted around the house. and depending on the time of day etc they turn on with different colours when the closest motion detector is activated. This of course uses different settings on the Lifx Bulb and I can only see a way of connecting one, unless there is a way of copying the connection

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That is a known limitation in IFTTT that is now becoming a annoying. The only way to around would be to be able to use ingredients to adapt for different setting or to duplicate templates (by the publisher). :confused:

Morning. I have setup groups of bulbs with LIFX. Then 1 applet can turn on multiple bulbs or is that not what you meant?

Morning Dan no, I have a group called living room and that turns on 2 lights.
I have lights in my hall way and after a certain time I want my downstairs light still to be white for example, but the light upstairs needs to be red and dim so it doesn’t wake children up

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Anna or Peter, Can you confirm for me? Will it be the case that Apilio will be able to create applets where other services are the trigger? In this case, can Apilio create IF I enter a Life360 area, THEN update an Apilio boolean, or will I have to ask Life360 to create the applet?

In short, can Apilio create as many applets as it likes where other services are the trigger?

Ah I see, got it. Hey, at least we have exactly the same issue! As usual I am sure Team Apilio will sort us out! :sunny:

Not a happy man


Update :slight_smile:

Hi! First of all thanks for all services you made and for new templates.
If it possible - I think it will be useful to add to ifttt “webhooks <-> apilio” teplates.

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We would love to do so, but IFTTT does not allow publishing of applets that use the webhooks service :pleading_face: