Organising Variables, conditions and logicblocks into categories/projects

Would it be possible to actually organize the variables, conditions, etc. in the future?

As is, the order keeps rearranging each time I make an edit (or for the Logicblocks, everything seems to arrange itself at random) which makes it a bit tricky to find things again.

The ability to place them under collapsible categories would be ideal, but if not that then I’d at least like to be able to click a “rearrange” button and then drag and drop them into a specific order.

The services is a lifesaver by the way. It makes things so much easier.

Another user has requested this, they would like to be able to group all the elements used in a project into one “project folder” or category as this previous request described it.

This way if you want to check all the elements that belong to one automation (this could be several logicblocks, conditions and variables), they would all be grouped under a specific project or category.

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I think these two users that submitted their feature requests directly to us might be happy with the new custom tags! :smiley: Here’s the announcement:

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(Nearly) totally perfect, thanks! But please :bowing_man: could we have them persist during a session?

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