Introducing: Apilio Templates! Get started easier with Apilio

Hello everyone!

If you are new to Apilio, or if you simply want to try new automations quicker, we have something that we hope you are going to enjoy: today we are introducing our new Apilio templates!

If you are new to Apilio, you will see that message on your Dashboard inviting you to try one of our ready-made Apilio Templates, just follow the link. If you are already using Apilio, you’ll find these in the Logicblocks section. We have initially launched 8 templates, most of which are going to help you setup quickly the most popular use cases we have in this Community.

How the new Apilio templates work

  1. Choose your Template from the list of Apilio templates, here’s the direct link if you’d like to have a look right now:
  2. Once you’ve chosen a template from the list, the Apilio Template will show you the conditions (maybe variables, if needed) and actions that are needed for this Apilio Template. These will all be created and interconnected in Apilio automagically for you!
  3. You will also see different options to choose from, depending on your device or service, to finish the connections between Apilio and IFTTT:

The applets we have linked have been created by us, so they won’t count towards your 3-applet limit with IFTTT. We have included a selection of the most commonly used devices and services, so you can choose whatever device you already have available.

Questions? Comments? All welcome!

Get started with Apilio today and let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas to make these templates even better for the Community :grin:

Happy Apilioing!

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