IFTTT compatable thermometer

I’m looking for an ifttt compatable thermometer that I can actually get temperature from. I’m currently Using Yolink thermometers which only give alert conditions. Does anyone know of a thermometer that you can actually get temperatures from?


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Have a look at the thermometers on the list link below. They should work directly with Apilio.

I don’t see anything there where the comments indicate that temperatures can be read obtained from the device. But thanks anyway.

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If it is a Tuya device or it can be paired with a Tuya Zigbee hub, all temperature updates will be sent to Apilio. In this case it’s depending on the sensor how often it sends data.

Another solution that I know for sure is sending constant temperature updates to IFTTT is https://wirelesstag.net/ (I have some myself). I think there are some others but not many, since most just send notifications when crossing thresholds.

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