IFTTT Applets - Apilio created

Hi, with the advent of IFTTT pro, I am using up my 3 free applets by creating 2 x update variables for an IsItNightTime variable.

If sunset update bolean to true
If sunrise update bolean to false

On IFTTT, apilio has created the opposite of these
If sunset update variable to false
If sunrise update variable to true

Is it possible that apilio can create the ones I require so I avoid having to use up some of my applets please?


Hi @Stoo84,

We could, but I think there’s an even better solution: We have built-in sunset/sunrise triggers!
Check it out: New native time conditions: sunset and sunrise in Apilio

If you still prefer to use the IFTTT applets let me know and we can create applet templates.


Hi, thank you for your swift response.

I have now set up a time based condition between sunrise and sunset to trigger a hue bulb when the ring doorbell senses motion.

Is there any way to check this works before waiting for sunset?


You can move “your location” a bit to the west east to a place that is expecting sunset soon.
Here you might get an idea about where to place it approximately: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/sunearth.html?iso=20200922T1522


Done, and working.

Thank you.

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