IFTTT + Apilio applet templates: expanding list with links

Depending on your use case, you might be able to set this up in Apilio natively. Can you expand a little bit more, what are you using this variable for, why are you changing it on a schedule? Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Sure! I want to be able to have motion from our Ring doorbell turn on our smart lights and stay on continuously after sunset, and before 2 a.m. and before sunrise. Then if it’s after 2 a.m. and before sunrise, I want the lights to turn off if triggered by motion after 5 minutes.

The other piece of it as I think I figured out a workaround for the 2 a.m. part is that I’d like to turn off the smart lights at 2 a.m. if left on by accident or forgotten. We just got back from a weekend away, for example, and someone triggered the lights on Friday night, which were then on until we arrived home last night.

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I would love an app that checks day of week, time of day, is rain in forecast, what is condition of rain sensor, what is outside temp then depending on these conditions, a ifttt rainmachine program fires.

Are you missing specific IFTTT applet templates for that?
I guess the relevant ones are

  • Weather forecast -> Apilio String Variable
  • Outside temp (which sensor brand) -> Apilio Numeric Variable
  • Apilio -> Rainmachine

Day of week and time of day should be doable with Apilio built-in time conditions.

This is a great example so I’ve written a detailed post that explains how to set it up:

Let me know if I got all the details right, @anshaffer or if anything needs adjusting :smiley: Thanks!

Oh, interesting! Thank you!

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Hi there! Could you add Apilio x Ezviz support as well, to control my cameras (sleep mode on/off) from logic blocks/true/false states?


Hi @Kees! Welcome to the Community :slight_smile: I hope these help, let me know if anything is missing!!


Oh awesome. Even more than I’ve requested. Yes, yes, these will work.


I would like you to look at some further templates if you could create these as I have a number of smart home devices connected using IFTTT as the triggers and using Apilio for the complex conditions. These are:

LightwaveRF lights on update variable to true (Can we repeat this for a time period of 10 mins and if its nighttime)
LightwaveRF lights off update variable to false
LightwaveRF off if logiblock triggered
LightwaveRF off if logiblock triggered
Smartthings device open then update variable to true
Smartthings device closed then update variable to false
Smartthings device on then update variable to true
Smartthings device off then update variable to false
Smartthing device on if logic block triggered
Smartthing device on if logic block triggered
Smartthing lock open if logic block triggered
Heatmiser set thermostat to standby if variable is true
Heatmiser set thermostat to auto if variable is false

Let me know if you need any further background to help me these routines.


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If I’m out (based on a Apilio variable updated by IFTTT location) OR it’s nighttime (based on a variable that uses Apilio sunset to sunrise condition)


send an IFTTT action “arm_blink”


send and IFTTT action “disarm_blink”

Only works with using 2 IFTTT custom applets to enable / disable blink when it receives the actions.

Would be amazing if you could add 2 new IFTTT templates to

“Arm Blink (EU) when Apilio triggers an action”
“Disarm Blink (EU) when Apilio triggers an action”


Hi @stephenf1303!

Let me know if these cover all your routines:

LightwaveRF lighting



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Hi @andrew44! Welcome to our Community :slight_smile:

I’ve expanded the Blink Europe list with the two applets you requested:

Let us know if this helps! Thanks


The description of this applet in ifttt is “Make brightness updates from your Wireless
Tag immediately available to Apilio and act
on it quickly.” However, when I added it it turned out that “Polling Applets usually run within 1 hour”. I checked the log on Apilio for this and the applet runs for a few continuous minutes once an hour, which is rather useless for what I was trying to use it. Is there a way to have it run more frequently?

Hi @DrVolodya,
I also use Wireless Tags and was quite happy with their update frequency a while ago, but I haven’t checked recently whether that’s still the case. :thinking:
How fast the data is published to IFTTT is fully dependent on the provider (Wireless Tags in this case). If they have implemented the interface version relying on polling (vs. the realtime version) the only way to get data faster is to become an IFTTT Pro user.

Kasa request: change brightness when apilio triggers an action (with brightness being set in the apilio parameters?)

(Newb aside: could the kasa device name be sent in the params too? might reduce the number of duplicates needed?)

Having dug a little deeper just a whole bunch of activate a scene when apilio triggers templates would work well.

Hi @Eluxoso,
so you need just a few duplicates of this template?
Activate a TP-Link Kasa scene when Apilio triggers an action

can you do 4 x duplication for Netatmo
If temperature raises above set a variable true
If temperature drops below set a variable False
If its raining set Variable to True

Do you need 4 of each or one duplicate per template?