How to create calendar events and change the timestamp?


I’d like to create a rule that makes a calendar event for 30 minutes after any calendar event that gets added.

A few comments:

  1. I tried using this formula on “If Any new event added on myemail@gmailcom, then quick add event to myemail@gmailcom.” I set it to quick add at the end time for the event, and then it created a loop.

  2. I then tried using this formula on If a new event contains ‘special_keyword’ on myemail@gmailcom, then create a detailed calendar event for myemail@gmailcom

The second option works, but I want to be able to define the time for the second event. Right now, I have access to just the {{End}} variable that corresponds to the end time for the first event.

How do I create a custom Time variable with Apilio? I’d like the start time for my new event to be OriginalEventEndTime + 15 minutes. Thanks!

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Hi @ldfgrne,
unfortunately I don’t see a way to achieve this with Apilio at the moment.
The missing feature is a date-time variable with the ability to do modifications like adding 15 minutes.
You could store the end time into a string variable and then pass that back to IFTTT into an applet to create a google calendar entry (see here how to send dynamic values to IFTTT: IFTTT action – additional value parameters)
I haven’t tested it myself, so no guarantee it will work, but maybe worth a try :relaxed: