Help with a muliple condition IFTTT for RainMachine

Help with a muliple condition IFTTT for RainMachine

I tried this last year and gave up.
I want to set conditions as:
…Temperature over 91
…No rain in the forecast
…Not raining now
…Later than 3PM
Monday Wednesday Friday
Run IFTTT Rainmachine
Program 3

Can anyone get me started with an example?

boolean values first
…Temperature over 91 - true
…No rain in the forecast - true
…Not raining now - true
…Later than 3PM - true for false you need to decide when before 3PM is
Monday Wednesday Friday True
All the above will need Ifftt applets to change the above to true or false
you wasn’t clear if you wanted them to be all true before it fires or just one.
If all have to be true then condition linking is simple and all ticked
If only one has to be true then if is required then all ticked and condition linking is complex "OR(Temperature over 91,No rain in the forecast,Not raining now,Later than 3PM,Monday Wednesday Friday) this is not 100% correct as it wont allow spaces.
then action chains

Hope this helps

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