Error: Lbactions ifttt action base - created by DT on behalf of a user

I’m wondering if possibly I reached a maximum number of IFTTT actions? I have ~104. When I try to create a new one, I get the following message:

1 error prohibited this logicblock from being saved
Lbactions ifttt action base Your account is creating an unusual high number of elements of this type. Please contact Apilio for support.

I haven’t created any new IFTTT actions in weeks, so I don’t think it’s my rate of making them that has caused this error. It must be my total number of IFTTT actions. I have wound up with so many because I have quite a few exterior smart life light bulbs, and I have them changing colors to match the holidays. Many bulbs multiplied by many colors = many actions.

Have I indeed just hit the hard limit on the number of IFTTT actions allowed? If so, I guess I can wait for Apilio & SmartLIfe integration to include color change options, because then I could delete many of my IFTTT actions. Or, for SmartLife to expand their smart scene options to include colors.

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i avoid IFTTT for switching on lights in real time, unreliable and slow and getting very frustrated with the smartlife app for the colours as I suspect you are. I’m just trying to change a colour of lights depending on the time of day and which bedroom
Once I get the hang of it i will be seilling my lifx lights (Love them to bit but IFTTT)
im looking to replace them with either Zigbee 3 lights or Wifi from Tuya any suggestions :wink:

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yeah I am totally with you on this one @Drivingforce. I also love the LIFX bulbs but they are so slow in IFTTT it’s painful and their app is super-unreliable these days.

At the risk of repeating myself I am going to point this anon user (I didn’t send in the help request) with the following suggestion to cut down on IFTTT actions…


I read that with interest, but my biggest need is to change the colour of the lights. And the app is not that helpful and i have not worked out how to create new scenes so i just edit the predefined ones


Yeah, @K8Baldwin has just explained this issue super-well. Let’s see if we can persuade the :mage: & Co to do something about it!

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I just got helpful news from Anna that the limit on IFTTT actions has been increased to 128. I just wanted to update this thread so that others know as well! Thanks Anna and Apilio!

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Thanks for pointing that out @K8Baldwin! We’re so busy on new features sometimes we sometimes forget to share the basics…