Community Development Pipeline (Half-Pipe) 2022

Here are our next few items for development in 2022, not necessarily in order. Feedback appreciated as always!

  • Update variables from actions
  • Make device variables visible and usable as other variables (but not updateable)
  • Allow use of various user-configured incoming web hook formats
  • Add computation functions on numeric variables
  • Use device attributes from two devices in a condition
  • Add Date/time variable type including condition comparison between date variables and the NOW date/time
  • Add text notes to Apilio elements as reminders
  • Add email notifications
  • Add “Login as” functionality for user support
  • Allow longer names throughout
  • Event log downloads via API

Hi @DanT
Many thanks for sharing this.

With the very welcome updates to variables, it would be great if you could access these in more places. At present you can pass variable values via HTTP parameters, but not send these via Tuya, or when configuring another variable.

For example, as a result of an action you can set “variable_1” to the numeric value “15” (at present via Webhooks, but hopefully soon via a new more direct interface), but it would also be great to be able to set it to the value of “variable_2” (or whatever).

And while you can (for example) set the intensity of a bulb via Tuya to (say) “50”, it would be really useful to also be able to set it to the value of “variable_3” (or whatever).

In each of these cases, perhaps it could be possible to add some string parsing to recognise “{{variable_name}}” and substitute the values accordingly?

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Thanks Robin, sounds straightforward but let’s see what the dev team says!

The roadmap of new features looks impressive!

I agree with @robin. I make external webhoook calls to other services, and I’d like to use {{variable}} in JSON parameters.