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I’m just wondering if there is a way to automate the download of the event log CSV files?
Ideally I’d love to be able to request the CSV via the REST API but aside from that is there any way I can download the CSV via my own custom script or job?
I have tried copying the export URL from an Apilio page and using Postman to consume the link it but I think if I try to consume the URL from outside the Apilio app I’m no longer authenticated so it doesn’t work.


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Hey Joe that makes perfect sense. We’ll add it to the road map we’re about to publish.

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Excellent. Thanks Dan

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Actually, just to explain a bit more about what I’m looking to do…as maybe there’s a way to do this currently?
I’m trying to get some trends of device statuses.
So, for example, I have a smart dehumidifier which is available as a linked SmartLife device in Apilio.
It has a status for “indoor humidity” which is a percent value between 40 and 100 and I can see this in the device page.
I’d like to be able to trend this to see its value over the course of a day for instance.
This is why I thought the event logs would be a solution.
The only way I could get near this was to setup 3 conditions with different ranges (e.g. <60, >= 60 <=70, > 70).
Then having logic blocks trigger based on these to log to a file on Google Drive via IFTTT.
But this doesn’t give the actual device value (only a range).

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Roadmap? About to be published? Where? When? :open_mouth:

@joe.ferris one of the roadmap items is to make device variables more usable generally and I think that would help in the case as then at least you’d have the actual device output in your Drive file.


That would be great Dan. Thanks

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