API Integration into Apilio after removal of IFTTT

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After a little while been distracted by other projects I’ve come to the point of needing a solution to the removal of IFTTT integration.

I have two systems that I would really like to find a way of integrating with my Apilio logicblocks. They cover lighting and heating and represent the majority of my routines.

The manufacture names are:

Heatmiser (controls)
LightwaveRf - lighting systems

Both of the above factories are Alexa compatible and I can obtain API tokens. However I have no idea how to use them or if it’s relevant!

Any help would be appreciated.

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An interesting one for @pebneter !

I did some research on Heatmiser.
If I am correct, they support Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. There is no other mention of an open cloud API.
There is a local API, but it would need a local client (e.g. Raspberry Pi): https://dev.heatmiser.com/uploads/short-url/5XxABuW7VqlXrXtSDIeg7KW9okW.pdf

So the only way out is to go through Apple HomeKit, Alexa or Google. Do you have any of those in place?

I do have Alexa set up but I wanted to create triggers from z-wave devices to affect Heatmiser thermostat settings. Any further ideas? Thanks for the research

For Lightwave:
They work with the usual suspects, practically the same as Heatmiser: https://lightwaverf.com/works-with-lightwave/
They offer a fully fledged API, but I didn’t find a way to use webhooks. So also not directly usable with Apilio: https://jsapi.apiary.io/apis/linkpluspublicapi/introduction/general.html

Since you use Alexa, it looks to me like this is the best (but still complicated) way, to somehow integrate it with Apilio. You can get webhooks to work with Alexa, but it’s only through some plug-ins and not easy to setup and maintain: Alternative to ifttt to integrate with alexa?

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