Alternative to ifttt to integrate with alexa?

Hi, I currently use ifttt to integrate apilio with my alexa devices. However, the alexa app is now saying that ifttt triggers will stop working as of 31st October, 2023. Just wondering what else anyone used to get alexa to be able to integrate with apilio?


Hi @mcm ,
I read online that there might be a new solution by IFTTT in the future, but there could be indeed an interruption of the integration.
I googled a bit and found some Alexa skills, that promise to work with web hooks.
One of them is, which I did use in the past.

Has anyone some more recommendations?

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It looks like that skill you mention allows you to trigger Alexa routines. There are many others which do that, but I am afraid that’s not the issue.

Today, one of the Alexa actions is trigger IFTTT applet, but this is going to disappear. The problem is how to trigger Apilio actions (logicblock execution, variable update, etc.) from Alexa.

At this moment, I don’t see any alternative.

This any good?

Another one I have found is Olisto - this seems to appear as a scene in Alexa, and can trigger Apilio via webhooks…

Have you tried it? I don’t see any “Rocket Post” skills to link to via Alexa…

No, I have never tried it.

Olisto is working well for me - have now replaced all of my ifttt interfaces between Alexa and Apilio

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I’ve found another alternative: VoiceMonkey. It can trigger HTTP webhooks.

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You could use SmartThings to send messages back and forth between IFTTT Alexa or SmartThings by setting SmarttThings virtual switches. Another way I use SmartThings since the SmartThings integration appears to be mostly toast (displays a subset of devices) is to trigger a light that IFTTT, SmartThings, and Alexa can see and set its brightness levels. This gives you 0 to 100 conditions available. Alexa does show all SmartThings devices as it adds them as they are created.

IFTTT using MkSense triggers the light on via Alexa, SmartThings sets the bulb to a brightness level and sends a virtual switch to Alexa. Alexa speaks and changes the brightness level. SmartThings sees the brightness level change and acknowledges the change by Alexa.

You can use this concept. The actual light may not appear to change brightness as going from 2 to 3 for example is not noticeable.


Found another one: